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CNG TURE - 2200


CNG  TURE - 2200

Station productivity

2200  m3/h

Input gas pressure

17.0 bar

Outlet pressure: the compressor / filling

320 / 200 bar

Frequency of roller rotation

375 cir./min

Electric power, kW

315 kW

Gas Tanks

640 L


11,5 m2 

Proper weight of compressor

8500 kg


6000V, 50Hz, 3 Phase


Full control
automatic shutdown on reboot

The usage of block - containerized equipment provides the ability to transport it by all types of transport, and operate it in the open air in climatic zones of - 35 to + 55 ° C.

Compressor and all its spare parts of our production are readily available from us.

The compressors of our production differ from those of other manufacturers that rods and cylinders are working without additional forced lubrication, which allows drying of the outlet gas station without the use of the adsorber. All the moisture-oil traps are centrifugal.

We provide a full range of activities to introduce CNG filling stations: equipment supply, installation, commissioning, warranty service, we can also assist the design of the station, advising customers.

For the installation of the station it is enough to connect it to gas and electricity network. CNG filling stations work by manual, automatic and semi-automatic modes. Automatic system controls the parameters of the station, automatical turn    on/ off, also automatical disconnection of the station in the case when the parameters exceed the limits.


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